Cake of the day!

A blog just for fun to share videos and photos of cakes bought from fabulous cafes and then enjoyed while out exploring beautiful countryside - this is a blog I feel I can definitely enjoy and do! It'll also be nice to have a place to talk about the lovely cafes and the beautiful walks of Northumberland (and possibly beyond, but I'll start at home).

Cake 1 - Border Slice, Ingram Cafe, Breamish Valley Hillfort Trail - 2nd May 2021

To get the ball rolling, the very first 'Cake of The Day!' is a Border Slice - it's the first time I've ever had a Border Slice and it was amazing - a total sugar rush as it was packed full of raisins, cherries and almonds, smothered in an icing-sugar topping, all on top of a thin and delectable base of pastry. I bought it from one of my favourite cafes, the community run Ingram Cafe located in Ingram village in the beautiful Breamish Valley as a treat to enjoy on a fabulous walk that can be started from the cafe, The Breamish Valley Hillfort Trail . It was the first time I'd done this walk and it won't be the last, there's lots of historic interest and the views are superb. The link above for Ingram Cafe is their twitter account, worth a follow for live news and features from their cafe and shop - their website is lovely too and you can purchase treats from their online shop - here's a link .

So there we have it, cake of the day number 1 :-D - looking forward to the next cake of the day already, although the Border Slice from Ingram Cafe is going to be hard to beat!