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Our Four Legged Friends

I think if I won the lottery then what I would love to do is spend a good deal of time meeting up with friends and their dogs to do pooch portraits for charity - I can't really imagine anything nicer or more fun than that, especially if we meet up and do those shoots in pretty places. Until my numbers come up I shall snatch moments of spare time to do more of this instead.

In the first year of lockdown Home Group friends and colleagues helped me raise money for The Home Group Fund by doing doorstep photo shoots of them at their homes, which was a really nice way to safely start seeing people again and raise money for charity too. It was so much fun that I thought we should keep it up, but maybe do something different, like pet portrait shoots instead.

So, with the help of the lovely Katy and her two sons, their quite loopy and very beautiful dog Hudson was my test dog portrait shoot model one beautiful day in the woods near our homes last Autumn. It was a hoot, even the boys enjoyed themselves as I asked them to throw fallen leaves into the air for Hudson to jump up and catch, which he did with great enthusiasm. We concluded that this was a good idea and that other people would be up for doing it with their dogs too.

Several busy months later I was working in another lovely team and everyone seemed to have dogs, either their own or ones they dog-sat for regularly. This was too good an opportunity to miss, so we decided to go for it and do some pooch portait shoots, again for The Home Group Fund (which helps people who are going through a tough time financially to get back on their feet or be able to do things many of us take for granted, like give their children Easter Eggs or small Christmas presents). And then, just this past week, I caught up with Nikki, to at long last do a pet portrait shoot of her mum's beautiful dog, Isla, something we'd been trying to do for some months. Now that shoot is done, I can write this blog and thank everyone for taking part and for their permission to share these photos of all of their gorgeous, loving, smiley and funny dogs.

With huge thanks to Katy, her boys and handsome (and quite bonkers!) Hudson, Christine and little Rosie, Sophie and beautiful Rupert, Mark, Cassie and sweet little Lily, and Nikki and pretty Isla. Here are their photos, just looking at them makes me smile, I hope you enjoy them too!

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