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The Woodland Trust - 2022 Update

Thanks to photo club talks, calendar sales, book sales and print sales, we've been raising funds for the Woodland Trust and have almost raised enough to plant half an acre of woodland, which is fantastic. I'm going to increase my target and have been in touch with the Woodland Trust to find out about dedicating an area of woodland and maybe putting in a memorial bench, somewhere folk can sit a while and enjoy the woodland around them.

I'm also very excited to say that, based on excellent advice from a Comms friend, I've taken it a step further and am now a contributing, volunteer photographer for the Woodland Trust and have today donated over 350 of my best woodland photographs to them. They have been lovely to liaise with and very supportive, and have asked for trees, woodland, badgers and squirrels. I've given them those and flowers, berries, leaves, insects and other creatures too, anything you might find in our beautiful woods. Some highlights are included in the video above.

Thank you, Nic, for your wise advice - donations are great and very much appreciated, but charities benefit most when we give our time, skills and service - wises words that I'll never forget. With thanks too to the team at Woodland Trust, and everyone who's donated and supported my Woodland Trust fundraising to date.

Thank you too to Mick at FotoVue - without 'Photographing Northumberland' I wouldn't have had some of the fundraising opportunities I've had - thank you Mick!

Update: I'm incredibly honoured that within a couple of days of donating my photographs, The Woodland Trust have used one of my photographs on the home page of their website, to promote their 50th birthday celebrations and appeal - thank you Woodland Trust.


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