Thinking About Brand

Having taken the plunge and set up Anita Nicholson Photography as a business in around 2016, an early decision was to commission a Graphic Designer to create a logo for my business stationery and website.

This decision was in no small part prompted by having previously met and been inspired by the work of a fantastic Northumberland based Graphic Designer, Anna Brand. I loved seeing the logos and design work Anna created for her clients - her designs are clean, modern yet also timeless, with a hint of playful humour and she has a way with colour and fonts that I love (the latter of which it's fair to say I knew nothing about!). So it was without hesitation that I asked Anna if I could commission her to help me come up with a logo. Happily she agreed and this is the result, along with guidelines on what colours and fonts to use (as you can see, I've applied the fonts to my blog settings) to compliment my logo.

Four years later and I love this logo as much as I did when Anna first showed it to me. The colours and fonts are very me, and I especially like how Anna chose to focus on a place we both love and are connected to (Blyth beach), rather than designing a photography themed logo. I was hoping for something fun, fresh, colourful and not twee and Anna's design fits the bill perfectly - I would never have thought of a design like this for myself so commissioning Anna was worth every penny!

How has having a logo and accompanying colour palette and fonts benefitted me? In a number of ways:

  • First, I like it - the design makes me happy, as any good design should.

  • But more practically, the logo looks smart on my correspondence, I use it in my email signatures, on letters and on invoices. I was recently asked to write a letter of recommendation for a local business I know and admire, which was to be submitted along with their funding application - without a logo my letter would have looked less like a letter from a business and more like it could have been from anyone - I hope and think a logo gives a little weight.

  • They have helped me design my website and stationery - I don't have to think about what colours and fonts to use, I just refer to the style guide Anna provided.

  • When publishers ask me to provide my logo I have something smart to provide to them.

  • I believe having a logo attracts new business - I can't prove this, but I'm sure it makes a difference.

I still get compliments about this logo too, which inspired me to write this blog - to thank Anna again, and to recommend that, if you have a website, you consider commissioning a Graphic Designer (I obviously recommend Anna!) to create a logo for you.

Anna's website can be found here